Dreamt over many years, Muanga always had a very clear goal: to spread happiness and joy.

When we imagined what we wanted to create, we always knew we wanted to give the world a brand that would be an inspiration. A brand that would create new trends. A brand that would influence fashion.

A brand that would make us dream.

After several years of living in our imagination, the dream became real and the Muanga brand was born. Its name rooted from the Kikongo dialect kikongo, spoken in the north of Angola, and that means exactly what we wanted to accomplish: spreading.

Today, we spread joy and happiness across several continents.

Always with unique and delicate accessories, marked by the excellence of materials and available anywhere in the world, through an electronic platform that offers all its consumers a quick, simple and cheaper way to buy unique, elegant and high quality products.

Our Values

We are a brand made by people, created for people.

The relationship we have with each of our consumers is deeply personalized, informal and simple.

We believe in ourselves and we want to share our passion, our ideas and our values with the world:

Design – a minimalistic approach that creates modern, yet timeless collections.

Style – elegant, unique styles that allow self expression.

Quality – The best materials confirm a passion for creating standout pieces.

Authenticity – Real people wearing accessories with a distinct personality.

Emotion – A vibrant brand that inspires people.

Our Mission

Our team is full of people who are passionate about detail and elegance. Every day we work to create unique, timeless, iconic accessories and in which there is a constant concern with every single detail.

Each piece we create results from this pursuit for excellence, by creating unique accessories for modern men and women.

We know that we live in a modern, culturally diverse and complex world. In this new digital era, new trends emerge each day. Nevertheless, we believe it’s time to go back to basics. To choose the simple over the intricate. The timeless over the trend. The elegant over the extravagant.

We create accessories, but we’re not an ordinary accessory brand. We are a design brand that puts quality at the centre of everything we do. Because we believe accessories are a way for people to express who they truly are.

They have the power to transform an outfit. To give light to a gray day, to reinvent the classics and to start new trends.